Phuket Holiday – Travel To Karon

Phuket Holiday – Travel To Karon – Why Karon is Nice to Stay At

It is well-known that Karon suffered severely during the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake. Karon beach has been damaged by a tsunami that left the place almost impossible to recover. But Karon, with the strong determination of its people and those who love the place has slowly recovered and it is now come-backing to give accommodation to its loyal and new visitors.
The quiet place, the long beach, the beautiful Andaman Sea and the good accommodation it offers are the reasons why Karon is nice to stay at. Karon’s sun and beach is popular with families and couples. Since not so many hotels have beachfront accommodation, the beach is less crowded. One can enjoy its beautiful white sand; enjoy beach activities like volleyball, badminton and plain soaking under its tropical sun. No noisy crowd and less street vendors hawking their wares. Karon is the ultimate reversed side of Patong which is always full, noisy and alive. Karon is a place to relax, refresh and unwind.

Karon Beach and resort spa is also a good reason why Karon is good to stay at. It is the only hotel located on the beach itself and offers the most luxurious accommodation. It is a great treat for vacationing families and couples. It offers exclusive waterfront and just a few distances from the most popular shopping complexes, dining and entertainment places in Phuket. Small but luxury hotels like Andaman Sea view Hotel offers room accommodation facing the beautiful Andaman Sea. In-house restaurants in the hotel make guests feel comfortable while in swimwear’s. In Karon Whale resort, guests will have the full view of the beautiful and clear waters of Andaman Sea and enjoy outdoor swimming and fining dining at its restaurants and cafe shops which are the same features of The Front Village hotel. Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort location on the hillside with coconut grooves provides accommodation with overlooking view of the beauty of the sea and the white sandy beach. It offers exclusively resort experience.

Karon of course has its own Patak road that leads to a tamer and quiet version of the famous Phuket nightlife. Patak road which is just a few meters away from Karon Beach has its own bars, clubs, and pubs. Most of these night places are similar to those found on Patong’s Bangla Road with similar but a tamer girlie bar atmosphere. Most bars and clubs here offer quiet drinking spree and friendly-chat with girls. Couples and singles will enjoy spending nights here to find some gentle but still pulsating nightlife. There are also some explicit shows to keep machismo going but all are done in most tamed manners. Guests will not be frustrated to enjoy and experience some Karon nightlife escapades.

Karon is one great place to stay while in Phuket. Karon is beautiful with its long white sand beaches, its colorful umbrellas lining its shore and the fewer crowds and its quiet atmosphere. You will not imagine yourself to be in anywhere else once you are here.