Phuket Holiday Specials 2010 – 2011

Phuket Deals has been hard at work as usual, combined with our sister site Best Hotel Pattaya we have put together a number of great Holiday Specials to suit anyone near the end of 2010 or at any point during 2011. Phuket Deals has seen a massive influx on the number of people using online services to book their Holidays, they have found the great savings on offer and the variety of hotel choices, location’s, attractions and more, we have been able to offer some excellent Package Deals through out the early and middle parties of 2010, a number of customers have returned twice and even three times this year due to their fascination or simple love for the country. Phuket Deals likes to think that that we are out to help people have an enjoyable Holiday, inform them with all the need to no information for Thailand and answer all your questions!

Phuket is a fantastic Holiday destination that that offers a range of different Hotels to suit any body’s specific needs, budget restraints, or required facilities. While Phuket is every cheap destination to visit, with some hotels charging as little as $10 a night for a room, there are also a large number of high end resorts which offer all the 5 star facilities that many people do like to have on a Holiday. One such resort that offers almost anything one could dream of is the Phuket Hilton Arcadia, located about 20 minutes out side of the Patong CBD the Hilton Arcadia is one the largest and most beautiful resorts in Phuket. The Arcadia has teamed with a number of high end travel agents in an effort to offer unbeatable Travel deals to try and drive customers back to the island. The Hilton Arcadia offers facilities such as an on-site spa, bars and restaurants, multiple pools, 24 hour securities, drivers and a never closing reception.

If you are looking for a true Phuket Holiday Special, there are a number of budget carriers offering fares as low as $400 (AUD) to Phuket, while people coming from the United States or Europe will at times pay as much as $2200 (AUD) to reach Phuket. Studio rooms in Phuket can be rented for as little as $10 a night, although these will often only come with a fan and no air-conditioning. Wonderfully kept rooms with all the modern features expected in a hotel generally start at about $30 a night, the C&N is one such hotel that offers a fantastic on site restaurant, beautifully kept rooms and free WiFi access. The C&N Hotel does not appear to combine its self on package deals, although we can advise from person experience that will  often be willing to barter on the room price if they have low on customers, it is almost always worth asking this the exception been at Christmas, when the Package Deals to Phuket are fairly expensive anyway.