Phuket Holiday Package For 2011

Welcome to 2011! Phuket Deals has been driving idea’s up the wall in the hope we can again, supply hundreds of people with cheap and fun holiday packages to the beautiful destination that is Phuket! Considering how diverse Phuket is, it was very clear that we would need to put some of the most intriguing and interesting Package Deals we have ever managed do it!

Cheap Phuket Holiday Package Deals

The Cheap Phuket Holiday Package Deal is the easy option for anyone on a budget who just wants to get into Phuket and see the sights! For under $1500 this amazing package includes Airfares from your closest capitol city and 7 nights accommodation at the Ban Thai Resort in Phuket, which is located on Beach Rd. The Cheap Holiday Package is something we believe would be great for young travelers looking to experience the world for themselves or for older travelers who are trying to see as much as they can!

While the Cheap Phuket Holiday Package Deal is great value, it should be noted that it does not include Airport Transfers or Entry to any events or shows in Phuket. This is something customers will either need to arrange themselves or contact us so it can be made as an add-on.

Phuket Vacation Package Deal

The Phuket Vacation Package Deal is the 2nd tier in our Phuket Holiday Experience Deals. This Package Deal would be great for Families looking to visit Thailand along with Business People who are coming into Thailand for work. The Phuket Deals team have put this package together to try and allow changes to be made at every level, there is nothing set in stone.

The Phuket Vacation Package consists of Flights to and from Phuket from the nearest capitol City. 4 Star Accommodation is provided for 12 nights and this does include a full buffet breakfast. This fantastic Package Deal also comes with tickets to the world famous Simon Cabaret and the Fantasea Ladyboy show which is hosted in Phuket.

Watersports and Tours are all avaliable for an extra fee. Prices for this Package start at $2100.00 for the full 12 nights.

Expensive Phuket Package Deal

The Expensive Phuket Package Deal is just like the name suggest, Expensive and Good! If you have money to burn and are looking to experiance Thailand in a way that only the rich and famous usually would, then this is something you need to look at. Staying at the Diamond Cliff Resort in Phuket, you will have acess to some of the most beautiful views on offer in all of Phuket.

Please feel free to contact us at Phuket Deals for any further information you may need on our Package and Vacation Deals.