Phuket Holiday & Package Deals For 2011

Can you believe the kind of specials they have for holidays to Phuket at the moment? You would almost feel like you are robbing them, except they are going to do that in a different way at the end of the day! No pun intended! But really, if you have a look, its even easy to get long term rentals at next to nothing prices! You can currently get a 1 bedroom apartment in Patong, right next to Bangla Rd for less then 25,000 baht per month and these are on 1 to 3 month stays! In 2011, many new developments will open in Phuket and they will be offering opening specials if you book prior to 2011 for a package deal in their new condo or apartment!

Lets not forget about the resorts, with travel agents like British Travel (UK), Flight Center (Australia) and others its not surprising to see that high class hotels like Merlin’s Resort, Patong with its fabulous pools, water features, spectacular service and unbeatable rates are dropping those rates even more with confirmed bookings by the agents! This means cheaper prices for you, and we cant be happier, word it the places are already starting to book out and this is going to be on of the biggest high seasons yet!

Another hotel that deserves a special mention would be the Ban Thai on Beach Rd, Patong. While they do not allow bar girls back with out paing a joiner fee, the hotel offers a word class kind of service that includes many English speaking people on staff and Thai’s that can speak English better then myself, while the rooms are a little bit small and cramped, the pools and scenery is amazing and you really don’t wanna spend an entire holiday in your room do you?m

Phuket’s Holiday Package Deals are one in a million at the moment and most are finding its far cheaper to travel over seas then it is to have a holiday in your home country, while speaking to an Australian recently, he advised that he would have had to pay upwards of $7000 for his family and himself to enjoy a 2 week vacation in Queensland while travel to Phuket would only cost $4500 and they would enjoy it so much more and have memorys that truley would last a life time!

The Holiday Deals to Phuket are also offered online, and can work out even cheaper as they generally use hotels that are not known and owned by large corporations. Patong has a number of fantastic privately owned resorts that help keep much of the local population in work, offer a family style service and work out far cheaper because they do not have any of the large over head costs. If you are looking for something with in walking distance of Bangla Rd, Poppa’s Palace is a hotel which should be checked out. Travel Work Online currently has $999 1 week Holidays staying at Poppa’s if you book online!

Phuket Deals hopes you book and we can see you soon for a drink n Bangla!