Phuket Holiday Package 2011`

Phuket is a beautiful holiday destination that can suit the needs for any holiday goer. Phuket is able to provide a non stop party adventure with plenty of day activities to keep anyone busy. Phuket has some of most amazing food and restaurants in the world and this is not doubted by a soul. Currently Phuket is a very inexpensive destination to get to, its very cheap to get a hotel and the prices for most things are amazingly cheap.

The Phuket Deals team have put together a number of packages for people who would like to experience Thailand for themselves. If you are interested in taking us up on one of our fantastic Holiday Packages, feel free to e-mail the Phuket Deals team and pass on your contact information and what you would like to get out of a Holiday. We will arrange for one of our brilliant staff members to call you and provide an on the spot quote.

Currently Travel Australia has combined with Phuket Deals to offer Australians a once in a life time chance to visit Phuket for next to nothing. Paying less then $1300 per person, guests will be able to stay at the Holiday Inn which is based in Patong. The package is complete for 8 nights and includes full buffet breakfast each morning. Guests will fly via Jetstar and times will be confirmed at final booking. Booking through the Phuket Deals service will allow for a 5% discount on the Holiday Package.

Phuket Deals have also initiated a number of Holiday Packages and Vacation Adventures which will be run solely by the Phuket Deals team. One of the latest Holidays we have prepared is for guests to stay at the C&N resort which is located in the heart of Patong. This Holiday Deal would be fantastic for single travelers or young couples. The C&N Hotel is in the heart of Patong, you can literally step out the front doors and find your self in the heart of a party zone.

If you like the sounds of all of that, but really would prefer to have a pool to enjoy the team at Phuket Deals have put together a 3rd package which is at the Yorkshire Inn. The York Shire Hotel is again, located in the Heart of Patong and comes complete with Gym, Sauna and Spa. Older guests will also enjoy this hotel as they provide an Irish pub that offers some of the coldest drinks available in all of Phuket.

A last option for guests may be the Sun Hill in Patong. Currently we do not have any Package Deals for Holidays at the Sun Hill although we can advise that it is one of the very best Hotels in all of Patong. The Sun Hill provides 3 different types of room starting at a basic studio and going all the way to a VIP Apartment Suite which is spectacular and large. The VIP Suite is around 1900 baht per night.

The Phuket Deals team would love to hear from anybody who would like to take up these offers. You can also e-mail through for any requests, if we are in a position to help we would love to!