Phuket Girls Are Partying!

The Bar Girls in Phuket are partying because of the great low season Phuket & Patong have scene! Phuket Deals has witnessed bars at there busiest since Christmas last year, and we haven’t even hit peak season yet! Patong girls are not like the Pattaya Thailand Girls, or at least they put on a different show when they get to Phuket!

The Patong Nightlife Girls are generally sweet, innocent seeming creature’s, they don’t give off big vibes they are after your money but they will hope be end up been your holiday girlfriend if you are not careful! Phuket girls are not always bar girls or freelance girls, many will work in hotels, cafes and what not earning a living that doesn’t revolve around sleeping with western men; this is not to say they will not be found in Hollywood or Tiger each and every night, hoping for that rich farang to take them for the night and offer some baht in exchange!

There are many Thai Bar Girls in Phuket, many will be hardcore, deep in the scene! You can usually tell these girls, as they will have a perfect knowledge of every hotel in the area, the team at Phuket Deals have experienced this with a number of hotels including,

Amora Beach Resort, Phuket – While at the Amora, one of the team members at Phuket Deals picked up a girl, drank far to much; to the point he could not remember where the hotel was. Thankfully the Thai Bar Girl he picked up had a perfect knowledge and even new the staff by name!

Cape Panwa Hotel, Phuket – While I personally stayed in this hotel to offer a review, a Bar Girl from Bangkok, who is known on the Bangkok Deals site called me and new of the hotel perfectly, all from a 2 week trip in Phuket to earn some extra money while they riot’s happened! Amazing I thought!

Seaview Patong Hotel, Phuket – The Sea View hotel was totally out of the way, and with a joiner fee of 5000bht I had serious doubts that any Bar Girl would have a clue about this place! Much to my surprise, they all new of it when we spoke at the bar! No one came with me that night, 5000bht Joiner. I don’t think so!

– Banthai Beach Resort, Phuket – While some Phuket Deals team members had family stay, he decided to have some girls from Octopus Bar and Bonkers bar play a trick! He sent them to the hotel, but through the back which they would not be allowed to do! Both these girls new the correct way and had the last laugh!

So, you can start to understand now how clever these bar girls are! Be Safe and have fun!