Phuket Gay Friendly? …. Yes! The Best Spots!

Sure, Phuket has lots of girls for all the guys – at least the guys that are into girls, but in recent years there has been a large influx in the amount of homosexual people going to Phuket and Thailand for their vacations. Naturally, Phuket has absorbed this and there is a great area known as Soi Paradise, a very gay friendly part of Phuket that consists of fantastic food, gay friendly guest houses, bars with girls, boys, lady boys and every thing! Gay people are welcomed in Phuket by all, Thai people see homosexual’s or “gays” as a very relaxed, considerate group of people that provide nothing but good times!

This is not to say that you can not find or meet gay people on the popular strip of Patong, Bangla Rd Soi Eric is very famous for the amount of lady boys that come through, perform short shows and try to find an interested farang. Although many would prefer not to hear this, all the popular clubs in Patong are prone for lady boys also. Rumors in Patong say that lady boys are banned from Hollywood, although Phuket Deals does question how every lady boy could be found out, or the ones that are friends with the security.

If you are gay and going to Phuket, there are a number of great options for you to stay at. The Adionis Guesthouse, Phuket offers fantastic rooms in a very beautiful environment that is completely gay friendly! The hotel offers a fantastic swimming pool for all the boys to play a dip in and many rooms are inter accessible – i suppose that understand how frisky the gay community is! The Connect Guesthouse is another fantastic venue that offers 25 rooms at prices that are unmatchable for the decor, size and style! The rooms all feature either excellent ducted air conditioning or an air conditioner in each room, both options are wonderful! There is no joiner fee for the rooms and there is an on site restaurant for that early morning breakfast!

If you are coming to Patong, Phuket or anywhere else in Thailand for a holiday, and are interested in par-taking in some male on male fun please ensure that your “partner” is over the age of 18 – many boys understand will try to partake in this line of work and un-beknown to the tourist (at times), he can be charged and get into a world of trouble for something he did not no! Call Thai citizens carry ID cards, if they refuse or claim not to have one then they are most probably underage or have some other suspect issue going on.