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You may have noticed some changes to the website lately, this is to make it more friendly to use – the user!

We have removed the front page as the blog role, you can still find a link on the home page! – Currently the home page is very basic but we are looking into making a proper template for it in the near future but for now the side bar links will have to do!

I’m glad to say we have some sections updates, and some sections newly opened! First please go and have a read of the Phuket Weather page! All the information you could need on Phuket’s weather, climate and season information! It also gives Phuket Deals personal opinion on the best times to visit.

I have also gone and done a update on the Thailand Girls section! Go and have a rate, updates price info and what not! I hope to soon complete  a list of common store bought items so you will have a idea on the price’s you may expect to pay when in Thailand. Anyway Phuket Deals outs!