Phuket Deals Welcomes 2010! Happy NYE!

Its 2010! Most people are either leaving to go on Holiday, already are on holiday or are just getting back!

Its a slow time for us here at Phuket Deals, I am sure you have noticed a lack of updates over the past 2 weeks! This is due to Christmas, new year, family! Nothing we can do about it!

Gladly we are back in business and I am full time on the job! Phuket has been very busy, most the Phuket Luxury Hotels have been full, and it seems everyone in Phuket and Patong are having a great time!

Some people may have noticed the Phuket Deal’s sign’s around Patong, this is because in the near future we hope to open our own office in Phuket. If anyone is looking for a flight to Phuket through Phuket Deals, I would advise to wait another month or 2, the airlines will have some great specials that you all will want to jump on!

We are also going to be putting up a new section on Phuket Luxury Hotels, I am currently writing to some of my personal favorite hotels and resorts to see if some kind of arrangement can be made that will benefit you, the customer!

Keep your comments coming! We do love them at Phuket Deals! Look for the next update tomorrow!