Phuket Deals Update’s! Bar Info, 2011 Hints For Patong Discounts!

Phuket Deals has been hard at work arranging some of the best deals possible! Just to give you a quick idea, April 201 0 will be a great time to hit Phuket! Although it is the low season, it seems many tourists are attracted to the high heats in April!

May and June 2010 seem to have similar booking rate’s so it may be just as nice then, although the rain can start to effect people during this period! July 2010, August 2010 and September 2010 will be the same as every other year it seems, although there is word Jet Star and British Airways are going to offer some fantastic deals around this time – this is yet to be confirmed and are only rumors at present!

October – as most will know is my faviret time to go to Phuket, I believe you can get the best discounts and package deals at this time! – It is also the time the freelance girls and vuillage girls return to the area to find the rich farang they all so desperatly want!

2011 will be a exciting time also, yes it is far away but please keep on the look out! Phuket Deals 2011 is going to try to send as many people to Thailand as we possible can!

We should also announce that The Sun Hill will soon be taking someone of Phuket Deals customers for their first Thailand run! We wish them luck and will post pics when avaliable!

We have also just realized 3 new Bar Reviews, for the Phuket Bar Guide section! Please feel free to read the reviews on The Octopus Bar, Bonkers Bar and Tattoo Bar – all located in Patong, and all have some of the finest girls working! (Freelancer girls all over the shop as well)