Phuket Deals Update! Soi’s Off Bangla

The team at Phuket Deals have been hard at work as usual! (Bet your sick of us banging on about that) but yes, we have updated the Nightlife section by providing information on some of the different Soi’s in Patong. Many people think of Bangla Rdwhen they think about Patong Nightlife, although that really is not correct as Bangla Rdhas few bars compared to other soi’s in Patong.

The first Soi off Bangla Rd that we looked at was Soi SeaDragonwhich is a popular Soi right in the middle of Bangla Rd. Soi SeaDragonis a open area area with 20-30 bars, and a number of GoGO Establishments. Every bar does cater for their own music in this Soi, which can get a little confusing but it does seem to bring in the best looking girls. The team at Phuket Deals also took a look at Soi Eric. Soi Eric is owned by an International Entertainment company based in Europe.Soi Ericis very very different to other Soi’s in Patong as they manage their own music, and allow the entire venue to be booked out for specific functions.

We are also going to be working on the other popular Sois located in and around Phuket over the weekend! If you have a special section around Phuket that you believes needs a review done, please feel free to e-mail us at Phuket Deals so we can build on that! These updates will change very shortly though as many Soi’sare having lots of work done to them to improve the space and layout. There are mixed thoughts between tourists, locals and expats in Phuket as many people loved the old feel of Bangla Rd while many younger people are loving the new scene!

Check back with us for further updates on the SoI