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Soi SeaDragon Off Soi Bangla

Soi SeaDragon is one of the largest and most recognizable soi’s in all of Patong. Soi SeaDragon sits off Bangla Rd and can be found easily by looking for the soi that looks the newest. Soi Seadragon has recently undergone a major upgrade as a Hotel has been built right behind and Soi Seadragon is the entrance for this Hotel. If you have visited Phuket before you can expect some major changes that have taken place over the past few months and years. The opinion of many is that the Phuket Council would like to remove the seedy nightlife feel that Bangla Rd currently has and try to turn it into a up market area for families on vacation. If this is what they are trying to do, they are going about it in a great way because Soi Seadragon Currently looks fantastic!

Soi Seadragon is now a Soi that has 2 levels with bars in each. There are a few restaurants and shop in Soi Seadragon but for the moment it does largely stay as a great location to drink in bars and meet Thai Girls. Most of the old and famous bars in Soi Seadragon are still there, although there are some slight changes. Shipwreck Bar is very much the same with no changes while some may know Dave from Octopus. The Phuket Deals team has just found out he has left Thailand for Bali and will not be back.

Soi SeaDragon Patong Bangla

Soi SeaDragon does not only cater for Bar goers or GoGo fans. There are a few establishments in Soi SeaDragon that offer food services. There is a small, cheap guest house that is great value if you intend to spend a lot of time on Bangla Rd. It should also be remembered that the Bars in Soi Seadragon do not have toilets, there is a large complex for people to use although there will usually by Thai Men in there offering back rubs and hoping for a tip. This can get rather annoying.

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