Phuket Deals Offering Top Discounts 2010 – New Beach Guide Section Open

Phuket Deals 2010 Is happy to offer the lowest possible deals on Thailand Hotels and Resorts. We also offer the lowest holiday package’s available! Don’t hesitate to enter and click for Phuket Packages!

Phuket Deals has also opened a brand new section for 2010! Its the Phuket Beach Guide, a comprehensive list to all the possible beach’s you could visit in Phuket! The last 5-6 entry’s are not complete, although expect them to be finished within the day!

I also revamped the Live In Thailand section, there was not nearly enough info to help people relocate to Thailand! I still feel it needs more, but I will continue it later! Please take a look and tell me what you think!

Phuket Deals Out!