Phuket Deals New Partners

Phuket Deals has just signed a agreement with JetStar and British Airways, this means that Phuket Deals will only use these 2 airlines for there UK and Australian customers that wish to travel between Thailand and there home country!

Jet Star has been flying to Thailand now for a fair few years and have recently opened up the Phuket wing which has allowed people traveling from Sydney and Melbourne to get direct flights into Phuket, allowing them a quicker trip to Phuket as most other airlines force you to stop over at Bangkok or Singapore.

British Airways have flown to Phuket for many years now and it is believed the service provided by British Airways is the best in the world. In conjunction with out new deal with Jet Star and British Air, Phuket Deals is also negotiating with some oh Phukets largest resorts so that we may be able to offer even better package deals to a wider variety of people.

Currently Phuket Deals has multiple travel deals on offer, these packages allow family’s or single people to go on wonderful holidays and experience the magic of Thailand. We have built these deals to allow to low to middle income earner get a chance to visit a foreign land.

Every Phuket Deal we offer in the Phuket Travel Deal section comes with airfare, daily breakfast, airport transfers and we will always have some kind of special activity. These may include shooting range’s, elephant trekking, daily massages and many more!

These Phuket Deals have also been put together due to the fact many travel brokers are building packages for family’s, while here at Phuket Deals we understand it is not only family’s that wish to visit Thailand. Single men are known to visit Thailand due to the exciting night life, Phuekts Nightlife is unlike anything else in the world, once the sun goes down and the neon lights turn on Phuket Becomes a mans dream, a mans playground!

Patong is the heart of Phuket, and hosts the majority of Bars and clubs that Phuket can offer. You can find some interested information on the Thai Nightlife on this website, in Patong you will find famous Go-Go bars such as Suzy Wongs and Elista. Patong also has some of the most famous and popular bars in all of Phuket, these are Aussie Bar, Up To You Sure and Octopus Bar.

Due to a recent upgrade of Phukets Airport, travel into Phuket has become even easier, the new system allows travelers to just scan these passport as the come into Thailand, rather then needing to wait in line for the Thai people to check your passport manually. This has allowed a larger influx of tourists to hit Thailand yearly.

The high season in Thailand is considered to be December and January, but you will notice a much high volume of tourists between November and Febuary.