Phuket Deals Looks At Phuket Thai, A Dialect In Its Own?

15 years ago Phuket was a very different place, no body had mobiles and the internet was still very young and new. Mobile phones have changed the face of Phuket in a big way, 15 years ago if you wanted to avoid a certain bar girl or bar in general it was easy to do, there was no way anyone could find out if you where on the other side of the island!

Today, everyone has a mobile and that includes all the people in Phuket and Patong, it is almost impossible to hide where you are as Thai’s love to gossip, if you attempt to avoid a bar by going to a different bar, no doubt people will send a sms or give a call to their friend to advise them of this.

This could be because Thai’s view a customer as theirs, and once the customer has seen a  girl once she believes he should only see her – it is strange though that the girl believes she should be able to see any and as many men as she wants to!?

Phuket has its own Dialect in the sense that the girls all talk, the bars all know each other and they have their own sign’s for different things that can happen! Please realise that if you are in a bar, and acting a certain way it will get around Patong and with out fail, you will be remembered at the next bar you try to go to.

A good example of this is, a friend of a friend recently went to Phuket and spent some time with a particular girl, he then did something you should never do to a Thai and requested the presents her bought for her given back to him, obviously the girl refused and now this particular person is laughed at from a number of bars, and a bar he has opened him self is not doing very well. This is all because of the way he treated 1 Thai girl, it is easy to see how been a idiot once can have a large effect on a trip.

Phuket Deals just asks you have some consideration for other people!