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If you are traveling through South East Asia and are looking for the next stop off, then Thailand would be a perfect choice for you! Phuket, Thailand offers tourist the ability to fly directly into one of the main tourist hubs of the South East Asian region with little to no stress. Access to Phuket is very valuable to tourists as it means they can travel across all of Thailand very easily through out their entire Holiday! Coming to Thailand in 2011 will also mean the Airport will have recent renovations completed to it, meter taxi’s will have been used for some time and the Thai people will be welcoming anyone who comes!

Phuket Deals has been hard at work putting together some excellent sales that will allow anyone to travel around Thailand for a nice 3-4 week Holiday while still keeping Phuket as your main holiday Location. We believe this will allow tourists to experience all of what Thailand has to offer, while still been able to enjoy the creature comforts of home and the the vibrant and exciting nightlife that Phuket has on offer! The team here at Phuket Deals have put together a range of “Phuket Thailand Holidays” that will suit every kind of person on any kind of budget.

If you are looking for a relaxing stay in Phuket, but would still like the ability to travel to different towns and meet different people, then the Phuket Relax Package would be a perfect option for yourself. Staying at the beautiful Phuket Arcadia, this Holiday offers people the chance to relax on the beautiful, lush grounds of the Hilton while still offering tourists a hire car or bike to use to travel around town. The Phuket Hilton Arcadia is a fair way out from any of the main tourist attractions or nightlife area, so it is advisable to rent a car in this instance.

Phuket Relax Package

Staying: Phuket Hilton Arcadia

Travel: Bike or Car rental available

Things To Do: Sleep in until 1 every day, call down to reception and have the remarkable Thai Cook serve you up some fantastic food! Enjoy the Sauna and Spa the Hotel has and go for swim! Phuket’s Hilton Arcadia is about 20 minutes from the main center of town, and at least 5 to 10 minutes drive from any tourist attractions. This is a fantastic hotel to stay in if you are looking for a relaxing vacation in Phuket, while still maintaining the ability to travel and get places on your own! We believes people aged 30-60 would most enjoy this.

Now, many people do come to Phuket so they can enjoy Phukets Nightlife and its fairly easy to see why! Thailand and Phuket to be specific, have one of the most famous and greatest nightlife meccas the world has to offer! This scene is mostly enjoyed by young and older single men, while plenty of western ladies do also come to have a look, get a photo or just to experience all those storeys they have heard back at home! If your looking for a Phuket Thailand Holiday that will offer a great Nightlife Experience then the Phuket Thailand Nightlife Holiday Deal would be the best option for you! The Nightlife Holiday Deal incorporates a great a hotel which is located in the dead center of Phukets nightlife, buffet breakfast that will run later then usual and all in at a great price (allowing you more drinking money).

Phuket Thailand Nightlife Holiday Deal

Staying: Poppa Palace Patong

Travel: Bike Rental

Things To Do: Poppa’s Palace is located right in the heart of Patong’s Bangla Rd. Step out side your hotel doors, take about 10 steps and you will find yourself in front of a seemingly endless supply of Girls, Bars and Nightclubs! Its no secret that Phuket does not really start to get going until at least 10:30. By staying at Poppa Palace and getting this great Phuket Thailand Holiday, you will have access to a number of popular bars which will be in operations from the early hours of the night – this can be a great way to have some pre-drinks before your big night! This deal comes with a Bike, which can be used to get to the Gun Range which is a great day out if you have never fired a gun before. The bike can also be used to get you to Monkey or Tiger shows. As tuk tuks are so expensive, this can be a great money saver!