Phuket Deals Can Come Review Your Business!

We have noticed a fair number of e-mails coming through recently with people requesting reviews to be done on certain Bars Restaurants and Festivals in Phuket! We believe this is a fantastic idea, we also believe this will be a great way to help educate tourists on the best bars, clubs and restaurants through out Patong. Phuket Deals is aware some of the e-mails we have received are not from the owner, but from people who have visited the business or from people who intend on visiting.

Phuket Deals will be doing in depth reviews on certain bars in Patong and the surrounding areas. We will not inform the owners that we are present to do this, as we intend to offer real reviews that show the best and worst of Phuket. Please feel free to e-mail us here and we will look at coming to your business to try it out!

While the number of people going to Phuket is going up, it appears the number that are going for the red light areas is going down. It is also clear that single men are dropping in number for Thailand, and larger families are taking there place. While this is fantastic news for the tourist attractions, beach’s and towns in Phuket it does cause some concerns for the Bar and Club owners that have depended on the ‘mongers’ for so many years. While we will review on bars and clubs in Phuket, we will try to focus on the higher end eating establishments and the different shows and festivals in and around Phuket.

If you believe you have been to a restaurant / bar / attraction that deserves mention on our site, please feel free to e-mail us here and we will contact you to go more information. The reviews section will have monthly updates detailing the latest reviews and articles we have provided! Phuket Deals are working on making this a joint venture with a number of other paper and online publications!