Phuket Deals Back In Action

Hi Ladies And Gents!

Sorry for the lack of update’s, we have been working very hard on the back on end of Phuket Deals, and Phuket Travel Deals!

We have noticed the traffic has not stopped with the lack of posts, we thank you for this! We are happy to say we expect to have our Hotel Reviews up in the next 2 to 3 days, this will include a review on the C&N and the Sunhill, with the Sunhill been my favorite by far!

Phuket Travel Deals has also set up some great deals, so you can pre buy you tickets to shows, fantasia, the zoo, ect ect before you even arrive in Thailand! This will help to ensure you do not over pay, or do not get scammed to some half rate show!

It is also been reported that Expats and Residents not of Thai decent will not be able to get the cheap or free vias’s we have been used to for so very long! THe reports are authentic, the Bangkok Post and Phuket Gazette have both reported on this!

Phuket Deals out! Check back for reviews soon!