Phuket Deals 2010 – Sun Hill Review Up – 2010

It is a long time coming, but the Suin Hill review is finally up.

We at Phuket Deals would personally like to extend my thanks to all the staff at the Sun Hill for a excellent stay, at the time of my stay this site was not up and I did not know I would be making a review, which further shows how all customers are treated with fantastic service! I have rated this, my personal favorite and what I believe to be the best hotel in Patong.

Please click here, or you can also find a link to the review on our home page!

Phuket Deals is excited to bring in 2010, we are calling this Phuket Deals 2010 due to the fact that we will soon have all the offers up for tickets to shows and attractions such as Phuket Zoo. We at Phuket Deals are also looking for a reputable Jet Ski operator who we will be able work with, offering insured Jet Ski ride’s for a worry free experience in Phuket!

Phuket Deals is also excited to announce that we will soon have a forum / message board, which our loyal readers will be able to visit, to discuses anything Phuket, Thailand or even life related I hope to have this completed in the next 2 weeks so continue to check back for updates!

Phuket Deals Out In 2010