Phuket All Inclusive Holiday Packages

Phuket All Inclusive Holiday Packages

While it’s nice to a Package Holiday to Phuket the team at Phuket Deals have received reports that many people are now looking for a Phuket All Inclusive Holiday that not includes Airfare and Accommodation but also tours to some of the sights people enjoy to see and attractions that are popular among tourists. While Phuket Deals has always had a Phuket Travel Deal section that allowed people to book specific tours for their Phuket Holiday we have now decided to put together some Phuket All Inclusive Holiday Packages that will allow people to pay 1 single price and have their entire Holiday in Phuket mapped out for them in black and white. Looking at what people expect when they get a All Inclusive Holiday Package, we have decided to ensure we mix tour days around a number of free days so people will still have the chance to relax in the resort, go exploring through Patong and the other area’s or go shopping in the markets! The following details 2 Phuket All Inclusive Holiday Packages we will be running from next month!

Phuket All Inclusive HolidayPackage Deal 1

Staying at the Millennium Resort in Patong, Phuket, this is the perfect All Inclusive Holiday Package for those who would like to enjoy the nightlife and party zone’s of Phuket while ensuring they will get to see some fantastic attractions and sights while they are in Phuket! Flying with a number of carriers (depending on your departure and return destination), you will be able to select from a wide variety of times and dates to leave! The Phuket Deals team will arrange for a Hotel Limo to pick you up from Phuket International Airport and drive you directly to the hotel where you will be greeted by the courteous staff and shown to your room. A number of tours and day activities will be set up that will have every thrill seeker excited! On whatever day you decide you will get to Bungee Jump and Ride A Jet Ski, another tour will have you firing a range of guns at targets and going go kart riding! This All Inclusive Package Holiday would be suited to young adults who are looking to get out and experience the world for themselves.

Phuket All Inclusive HolidayPackage Deal 2

The 2nd All Inclusive Holiday to Phuket we have on offer is more for the families and older couples who are looking to enjoy, see some shows and relax in Phuket. Staying at the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort, you will be only moments away from the beach and get to enjoy a buffet breakfast every day! Flying in on a national carrier with the option of paying a little more for business class you will have a transfer to your hotel waiting at the airport and see yourself enjoying your time in a deluxe room! Every 2nd day you will have a new tour to go on and enjoy starting with your 2nd day when you will get to have a tour on all the beautiful beaches Phuket has to offer and then enjoy a Monkey Show which kids and adults all love! The fourth day will see you relax by the beach and leave the resort early to enjoy the world famous Fantasea show and then on your 6th day you will be taken for a tour of Phuket Town to learn some of Thailand’s history!


Both of these Phuket All Inclusive Holidays are perfect for people that are looking to get away and enjoy the world! For more information on what we have on offer please do not hesitate to comment below or you can e-mail through to the Phuket Deals Support Team!