Pet Hates Of Phuket

3 Worst Things About Phuket

We spend plenty of time going on about all the great things there are to be done in Phuket and some people might read our articles and be under the belief that Phuket is some Paradise on earth where nothing bad happens or ever goes wrong. This obviously is not the case, Phuket has plenty of things we would love to see removed but then we question if the place would be as good? It brings us back to that age old question, is the grass really greener on the other side?

1) Touts: Touts are probably one of the biggest hates for people who are visiting Thailand. Touts are those annoying guys you find on Bangla Rd trying to convince you to follow them into a Go-Go Bars. Touts are hated across Thailand because they do not let up, they will pester and persist you to go into a Go-Go Bar they work for. Touts are usually happy to lie and cheat to get you into a GoGo. People should remember that Touts are no different to other Thais and they are only performing this role because it is a source of income to sustain themselves. The team at Phuket Deals would prefer to see a Tout then a scammer.

2) Double Pricing: This is not an issue for 2 week holiday tourists, but if you spend a considerable amount of time in Thailand or if you like to return for multiple holidays then you would no doubt have noticed that Thais will generally be charged 1 price for something while the Thai people get charged a very different (much lower) price. This is a major concern for the team at Phuket Deals as we believe it makes Thailand appear very racist, which they might be in some ways although the team at Phuket Deals believes that this is only happening because the Thai population can see how much more affluent western people are and how they can spend more then Thais.

3) Scams – Yes, we hate to say it and it should probably be number 1 on this list but Phuket is full of scam artists. For a place with such a high population, there really is not that many but plenty of tourists have found them selves effected by scams in the past. Scams come in all shapes and sizes in Phuket, people have reported been robbed by lady boys offering hugs, other people have been drugged and found everything gone when they wake up while others just end up having there bill doubled or tripled. Many times the locals will get away with this because a tourist would not check or realize what has happened, especially when they are still paying less for something then what they would have back at home.

As you can see, Phuket is not perfect but when we compare it to other places we believe its the best! People who read this should remember that Australia has ‘touts’ although they are not as persistent as Thailand‘s. The United States has plenty of scams, and some of them will effect you far worse then a little Thai scam. Again, we love the US and Australia, but would like to point out that every country has problems and if they are the worst that we can find in Phuket, it must be a fantastic destination for a Holiday!