Peaceful Phuket – Karon, Kata And Surin

Peaceful Phuket – Karon, Kata And Surin

It’s no secret that the Phuket Deals team has a major focus on Patong when we plan new Package Holidays to Phuket and new Phuket Travel Deals because the vast majority of tourists like to be in the center of all the action and like to be in walking distance to all the fun and exciting things that tropical destinations like Phuket offers. While it’s clear the majority of tourists and travelers are looking to spend their time in Patong we have noticed a number of people comment in past articles and e-mail through asking about quieter more peaceful places they can visit in Phuket while still be in driving range to Patong, Bangla Rd and all the markets. If this sounds like something you would be interested in for your Holiday then the Phuket Deals team has 3 area’s that you would be smart to look into for your next Holiday in Phuket.

Karon is probably the second most popular are in Phuket next to Patong. Karon is a peaceful sea side town that offers a range of mid to high end accommodation along with some budget hotels and hostels that are perfect for backpackers. While Karon is generally very peaceful and quiet it still does boast a small bar scene that is fairly popular with local expats and most tourists who go to Phuket end up spending the majority of nights they have out on the town in the Karon Bars. While you will struggle to find Go Go’s and a large assortment of shopping, Karon is a fantastic place to spend your Holiday if the hustle and bustle of Phuket is not for you.

Kata is much more quiet then Karon and is dead when compared to Phuket. Kata has a long list of Western Expats who live their full time along with many local Thai people who travel from Kata to Patong for work most days. Kata is home to a number of mid range hotels and a few higher end resorts but is considered more of a long term place to stay rather than an area that tourists would frequent.

Surin is probably the most peaceful and quiet of all the areas in Phuket. Boasting a number of fantastic mid to high end hotels and resorts, guests will always be able to relax, read a book and enjoy the quiet time this area offers. Surin is also home to one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket and thanks to it been out of the tourist arena guests generally find it is free to use with few or no other tourists around. Surin can be quite expensive due to the kind of hotels and resorts found their but it is perfect for people who are looking to relax, enjoy peace and quiet while still been able to get to Patong and other areas fairly easily.

If you have stayed in any of the above mentioned areas and would like to offer your insight then please comment below. People have are wondering what area is best for them are welcome to comment below or e-mail through so a Phuket Deals rep can contact you!