Patong V Pattaya Thai, Food, Attractions

Pattaya, located about 90 minute drive from Bangkok is another very famous spot for Tourists to visit when in Thailand, you could say Pattaya isa little of Bangkok and a little of Phuket rolled into one, just like Bangkok and Phuket you have a vert wide range of choices on how you wish to spend your time.

Pattaya is been a tourist hot spot for some time now, although it is not given the advertisement Phuket gets it surly does have the same, if not better attractions and services! Pattaya has a exciting and busy nightlife, with some of the best Go-Go Bars, Stripclubs and Nightclubs that Thailand has to offer, unlike Phuket though this town does not stop and what you see in the night time you will generally see during the day!

I would not advise Family’s to choose Pattaya as a holiday destination, as it is more common for single men or groups of men to visit this region looking for some beautiful Thai Company, and the Pattaya Girls have everything to offer!

As in Phuket and Bangkok, you have a wide choice in everything from attractions to food – if you are feeling a little home sick, and need some bangers and mash or a nice T-Bone steak you will be sure to find it, if your on a smaller budget you can eat for practically nothing off the street vendors who I am happy to say are mostly very clean and I have never had a bad experience from one!

Many locals and tourist’s alike, joke that it is always Ladies Night in Pattaya simply because of the large numbers of them, wearing next to nothing (or nothing at all). Pattaya has a large accommodation choice also, between the nicest hotels and resorts, a home to rent for a month or a very cheap over night stay – it all can be found in Pattaya!

Pattaya is a popular choice for many, and you may find your self looking at doing a visa run or trying to find work there just so you can stay, although I wish anyone luck in this endeavor I still believe Phuket is and will be the number 1 destination for holiday makers for some time yet!

Please note, if you visit Pattaya or anywhere this coll um mentions and you decide you never want to leave – it is not our fault, we just showed you the door!