Patong & Soi Seadragon Changing!

Soi Seadragon Changes

There has been lots of work in Soi Seadragon lately which has been the focus of much talk on the Phuket Forums. Recent visitors to Phuket and the long time expats will notice that Soi Seadragon has undergone a major face lift and it seems the opinions are very mixed. Some people love it while other people hate it.

Soi Seadragon is listed on the Phuket Deals website as been one of the most popular and known Sois in all of Patong. If you have been to or visited Soi Seadragon in the past, you would more then likely remember 3 long rows of bars running up the Soi with a few in door bars and a few GoGos at the end. Not anymore. Soi Seadragon has been transformed into an upmarket drinking area which seems like it would be more suited to families and young couples. Not for the current Expat Mongers that have come to love Phuket and Bagla Rd so very much.

Walking into Soi Seadragon today, you will find the soi has changed a lot. There are still the 3 rows of drinking holes, although the middle row has a second level which was made to increase the number of bars it could hold. Currently nothing on the 2nd level is open, but a number of large enterprises have already bought into it so they can get a piece of the Phuket pie. The other Sois off Bangla Rd have not changed really. The only reason Soi Seadragon was required to through this major change was to allow access to the hotels which now sit behind the Soi. During the day cars are able to drive down 1 side of Soi Seadragon while the other side will not fit a car. At night time cars are not permitted to drive down Bangla Rd, which makes it impossible to reach Soi Seadragon. Cars not going down at night is a good thing though as a number of people end up drinking far to much and have been known to fall on the road area while trying to get home.

You will also find a few pictures below of the Soi and the changes.

Word in Phuket is that all the entertainment will be moved to the new boxing stadium. There does not appear to be much life yet, although this is meant to change. The idea will be to move the Bangla Rd scene over to the boxing area so they can make the Bangla Rd section a little more family friendly.

If you have seen the new Soi Seadragon or have your own opinions, we would love to hear from you! Please comment below or email the team at Phuket Deals so we can look into it and see if we can assist.