Patong Phuket Deals !

Hey Guys!

Ive added some more page’s to Phuket Deals! Please check them out and let me know what you think! I intend to add another page tonight that will be regarding Thailand Currency and the difference’s between Thai money and our western money!

I have also found a great resource for getting good rate’s at most of the hotel’s and resort’s in Phuket! Check out WotIf at to find the deals they have on offer! The site not only focuses on Phuket but does have listings for every major city in Thailand.

It can also be used to find good deals outside of Phuket, Thailand. I did a random search for Hotels in Sydney and found they could almost half the rate at the Novotel and the Four Seasons!

There has also been some talk recently in Phuket Deals, regarding a Japanese Man that was killed by his wife! My source has informed me that the Japanese man requested he be allowed to keep a mistress. Apparently the wife was not to pleased to hear this request!
I have been informed that the person who did the killing was a Phuket local, we currently do not have a name but we understand he is 21 and live’s in the Patong area.

Phuket Deals hope’s these people can be brought to justice!

Remember to check out our new page’s please!