Patong And Phuket Spa’s And Sauna’s

Patong is a well known tourist destination for many reasons, some of these can include the fun and vibrant nightlife in Patong/Phuket, all the beautiful beach’s that are open to be visited, Patong has some of Thailands most exciting activitys some of which include Jet Ski’s, Elephant Riding, Shooting and much more!
Something that does not get much mention are the beautiful and relaxing Spa’s and Sauna’s in Phuket And Patong. all over the region you will find Spa’a and Sauna’s of all shape’s and sizes! Some are veyr expensive and offer a very exclusive service while others are rather inexpensive but still offer you a complete service with no special treatment!

One of my favorite Spa’s to visit is the C&N Resort’s Spa, from 800-1500 Baht you can complete a complete massage to a full service which includes access to Hot and Cold Pool’s, Spa, Saunca, Steam Room and shower! The hotel also has a beautiful swimming pool and bar, offering pool side drinks.

Gedtting Into The C&N Hot Pool



Phuket Deals is also happy to announce that we have updates the site with some new information sections.

Phuket Travel Deals
has a update once again, with some great information on Jet Stars current specials! We have also included a Currency Converter and are looking to add some more pages in the next few days!

We believe Phuket Deals can become a Phuket Wiki in the coming months, we are looking at doing some Patong Beer Bar Reviews, these will host informaiton from beer and drink price’s to how the girls treat you and if you should expect to get hasseled!

Phuket Deals is also going to give away another free trip to Phuket, Patong very shortly so keep checking back for updates! We believe 2010 can be the best year yet for Thailand, although there is some talk the red shirts and yellow shirts may protest in Bangkok, that is no reason we in Phuket cant have fun and enjoy our time!

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