Package Deals – Holiday Deals – March 2011

With the new year rolling in fast the team at Phuket Deals have been working hard to ensure we can offer great Holiday Packages for Phuket that will be far cheaper then any other Holiday Deal available in stores or online.  People who have taken up the Phuket Deals Package Holiday offer have returned home with some of the most amazing and brilliant stories the team have ever heard. Phuket Deals is a one stop shop that is able to provide low cost Holiday Specials and Phuket Package Deals to the public by working with out Hotel and Airline Partners.

Weather you would be coming from the UK, Australia or the US – Phuket really is a spectacular destination to visit and one that the entire family will enjoy. Holiday Specials are available for a range of genre’s which ensures we are able to provide Cheap Holidays to Phuket for the entire family while still offering all the luxurorys and leasures one would be used to. Families that are coming to Phuket with a mum, dad and kids will be pleased to find there is a myriad of options for Accommodation when picking from the Phuket Deals Family Holiday Special Package. Young adults who are looking at there first overseas adventure would be worth looking at the Phuket Party Package Deal which incorporates a basic hotel room for 14 nights that is located in the heart of Patong and Bangla Rd.

While some tourists who have visited Phuket consider it to be a party town, there are many people who visit just so they can relax and unwind. Phuket is a lucky place in the sense that the high hills make excellent cover for the loud noise that can be heard through out the day and night. Phuket has some of the most beautiful beach’s in Thailand. Patong Beach which is located in Phuket is one of the most popular as you can swim, have food and drinks served to you and also rent Jet Ski’s and go on an assortment of Water Based Rides. Guests who have taken up one of the Phuket Deals Holiday Packages will be glad to find out a Jet Ski Ride and free trips to the beach are provided as part of your rate.

Phuket Deals will continue to work hard through out the early parts of 2011 to bring you the very best and very cheapest Holiday Package Deals for Thailand. If you are unsure about visiting Phuket, we do remind you that we run a Brother Site (Bangkok Deals) as well as our sister site (Best Hotel Pattaya). We are out to offer the very best Holiday Experience for the entire family. Guests can feel free to e-mail through to request any kind of changes required as the Phuket Deals team is out to help you!