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Phuket Bar Guide – Soi SeaDragon – Octopus Bar

As many would already know, and a few are yet to find out – Phuket has hundreds of bars all over the city – although most appear to be the same in many ways there are always major differences that should be pointed out. The first bar we are going to look at is Octopus Bar in Soi Sea Dragon.

Octopus Bar is owned by 2 Australian Gentlemen who can almost always be found at the bar either working or just mingling with the patrons to see how there experience of Thailand is. Octopus Bar is located in Soi Sea Dragon and is the very first bar you will see – it is next to the Shipwreck Bar.
Octopus Bar is a 2 level bar, both levels are filled with Pool Tables and have seating around them for patrons to drink at. The bar also has a lovely outdoor setting which is perfect for having a drink and watching all the people walk by. This area has a perfect view of Bangla Rd so it is very easy to spend hours there.

The girls in Octopus Bar vary in all departments, the girls age range from 18-40, from my experience at the bar you will never have a issue with any of the ladies in or off the Octopus Premise, the girls at Octopus will not hassle you to buy them a drink and do not “hover” like some girls do in some bars.

The drinks in Octopus are in my opinion, the coldest you can find in Phuket, another known problem is when bars keep fridge’s at a high level to save money – Octopus does not do this, and ensures drinks are always ice cold!

I believe the bar fine at Octopus is 500 Baht – Although this may be incorrect or could possibly change.

Octopus Bar is in a fantastic location as you are able to watch the people walk by Soi Bangla, as they decide which bar and which soi to drink at for the night! It is also a great time to see the entertainers and performers as the particular spot Octopus Bar is at is very popular for these people! Phuket Deals down warn though that they are willing to walk about to the bar, to your seat and put a slithery animal on your shoulder! Not a gun thing to happen after a few to many!