New Phuket Travel Deals At Phuket Deals

Hey Guys!

Sorry for the late reply, I have been very busy working on the back end of the site! I would like to thank Kookai for sending me some great information on the current cost for different items in a 711.

I would like to inform everyone that the items came from stores in Bangkok and Phuket, and I was able to verify that it appeared to be almost no price difference between the 2 cities in Thailand.

Phuket Deals has also just opened some new sections of its Phuket Travel Deals section. You will find current price’s, and deals some great company’s are offering for trips to Thailand. You are able to contact us here at Phuket Deals for information on any special or deal you find on this site.

Phuket Deals has spent many weeks investigating the different price’s, and different options people have for reaching Thailand. We at PD have done this because we believe Thailand is a beautiful country, with amazing Girls, Beach’s and islands. I am also working on a Koh Samui section, this will focus on people who wish to travel to Samui with no intention on visiting any other part of Thailand. Why anyone would wish to see Samui but not Phuket or Bangkok is beyond me, but we focus on everyone here at Phuket Deals!

The website has been getting some 404 errors when accessing certain page’s on the website! Please note that we are trying tor resolve this issue and as soon as it is resolved we will inform everyone! For the interim you are able to refresh the page and it will load after a short span of time.

If anyone would like to comment, and request for any type of Thai related information to be put up, please feel free to e-mail me or comment on any post you see! I may not put daily updates, but I do check every day for the odd comment!

A big shout out to Octopus Bar in Patong, I currently have some friends staying in Phuket and they have advised me everyone in this establishment has been very friendly and forthcoming with them! Again I say thanks to Octopus Bar, Patong – Bangla Rd.

Phuket Deals Out!