New Phuket Governor Set To Bring Tourists Back

There has been lots of talk recently among Expats, Tourists and locals in Phuket – the word about town is that the new Governor has his sights set on bringing big tourist numbers back to Phuket and more specifically, Patong. Tri Augkaradacha is the new Governor for Phuket and his name has been mentioned in all the major publications, he is making deals with airlines and hotels, arranging for cheaper pricing in bars and shops, trying to bring in tax breaks to people who flow with his thinking! All this could spell even better savings for you, the tourist!

The Governor has studied at the University of Kentucky in the USA, he is known for dealing with many issues in English and has a true love for tourist regions such as Phuket. The team here at Phuket Deals have been looking into this for some time, as most will be aware; we have advocated for many of these things for some time, we can see that Phuket needs a face lift to bring the people back and it seems this man may be willing to do what is needed, even though at times the people of Phuket may be put out.

He is also looking at security and trying to help the tourist when coming thorough the airport, he had this to say – “The high season for tourism is coming soon. One of the first problems that needs to be fixed is the services at Phuket International Airport.

“There should be more x-ray machines and [luggage] conveyor belts at the airport to better serve the large number of tourists. Some people who arrive at the airport well ahead of time still almost miss their departing flights after wasting so much time standing in line,” he said.