New Phuket Go-Go : XTC Go Go

Phuket is not exactly famous for its Go-Go’s, and the few that are known around town offer a pretty sub-par service when compared to Pattaya. Go-Go’s in Phuket generally consist of very dark lighting, a small stage with poles around the stage and chairs next to them for people to sit at and drink. Phuket Go-Go Bars will generally charge a 1000 to 2000 baht Bar Fine, and then the girl will usually expect a minimum of 2000 baht. Go Go Girls are generally more experienced and usually better looking then their Bar Girl Counterparts.

While Expats in Phuket do not frequent at Go-Go’s all that often, they are still a fun visit for any tourist here on a Holiday. We have meet many people in Phuket Go-Go’s that have no interest in the girls but would just like to see first hand what exactly happens. Many Go-Go’s in Phuket also have “Ping Pong Shows” & other such acts for the entertainment of Patrons, camera’s are generally not allowed in Go-Go Bars as the girls will not be wearing clothes so you should not expect to be taking any photos for friends back home.

Phuket Deals has learnt of a new Go Go which has opened its Doors in Phuket offering what is apparently a brilliant service, for a very expensive price. Phuket Deals understands that the girls in this Go Go are drive in to work each day on a bus and then are driven out each night, it is assumed this is so you will not be able to meet the girls in Hollywood or Tiger after.  They apparently charge a 1000 baht bar fine, but then 5000 baht is paid to them for a lt with the girl, this rings major alarm bells to us as we can not be sure all that goes to the girl, and that is also well over priced for Phuket standards. Phuket Deals team members have spoken to patrons who have visited the bar, some have come out saying the girls dance very professionally and offer a great service while others believe the girls are very cold and meaningless. Drinks are a standard price for a Go-Go with a Beer costing around 120 baht and a shot costing about 150 baht, girls apparently do not hassle to much for lady drinks in this Go-Go, although they are very cheap at 120baht.

We are not sure about XTC’s location either, it is located near J Shopping Center and not near the Bangla district, this will make it very hard for tourists to find and more then likely they will need to rely on a strong Expat trade which will be hard to manage due to the high prices of the girls.