Muay Thai Boxing, Phuket Bars & You

Phuket is a great place to visit, and a great place to train if you are keen on it! Muay Thai is a popular sport in Thailand and its getting more popular each and every day, thousands of people travel to Thailand every year to train in Muay Thai and try to get a little bit fitter, and learn a new skill! Phuket is a great choice if you are thinking of learning Muay Thai, there are many camps of different shapes and sizes, that will suit every person on any budget! One down fall to training in Phuket is the great nightlife and fun to be mad, its easy to draw people away from Muay Thai and more into the Nightlife. Please following through here to our excellent and in depth review and information press on Muay Thai in Phuket!

Muay Thai will cost anywhere between 10,000 baht per month and 100,000 baht per month. Some of the most famous Muay Thai boxers that have ever lived have trained in Phuket, and many run gyms now and continue to train people for a set fee. Obviously the better the fighter, the more he will charge for this service! Muay Thai is an accident sport that has been passed down by generation to generation, although you can train in this art out in the west, you will find the most authentic experience can only be found in Thailand, while you are taught by Thai;s who have practiced since they were little.

Muay Thai will not only increase your relaxes and strength but will also increase your stamina and gain tolerance, Muay Thai is all about been able to take many hits and many kicks, while still giving them back and not having a big concern about it. As said before, if you do come to Phuket to train try to avoid Bangla, while all the girls love a guy who trains they will love prefer a guy who sits in the bar and drinks, while buying them lady drinks. If you are paying a fair amount to train, you will be amazed how quickly these bars can eat at your wallet. Girls like abs, but they like money just as much!

Because Christmas is approaching, the Muay Thai camps have some great deals going on which at time can work out close to the same you would pay for a nice resort, they are usually located out side the main area and have all the main amenities you would expect in a resort such as restaurant and swimming pool!