Morning All! What A Day In Phuket!

Good Morning!

I have just woken up, and read in the appear the Thai police do not believe the 21 murder of the Japanese tourist acted alone. After speaking to some friends in the loca station, they beleive the wife may have been the one to help, or perhaps was the master mind behind the entier plan!

The suspect is assuring police he acted alone, they they are continuing their investigation!

A body was also pulled out of Karon beach, they believe it is a tourist although no formal identificaion has been completed yet.

I have also been looking at the WebJet website. This is a site that provides costing’s to get to Thailand (or anywhere in SEA) from many different airlines, they include Quantas, Jetstar Thai Air, Emirates, British Airway and more!

It seems the price’s arnt all that special, although it is nice to be able to choose your airline and have all the information laid out in front of you. WebJet has a booking free previously although they his now been removed after work they did in Australia.

I have also heard some Rumors Hollywood has a cowboy party comming up for chrisdtmas, if anyone has any more details on this please feel free to comment or e-mail me so I can post information regarding it!

Anyway, Time for us at Phuket Deals to head into Patong. Need a massage, then a happy ending! Hahah

Next Update Due Soon

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