More Yanks Going To Phuket For A Vacation

The team here at Phuket Deals have noticed a steady increase in the number of Americans that are looking for a Vacation in Phuket. We believe this could be due to a number of factors which would include;

  • – American Navy Pulling Into Phuket.
  • – The strong Exchange Rate.
  • – The fact more people are talking about Phuket.

We believe any Yanks (Americans) that are looking for a good Vacation would be hard pressed to find something better then Phuket. Americans have been fans of Thailand for many years due to soldiers in the Vietnam War visiting Thailand in between trips. If you are an American and have heard that Phuket is a great place to visit, then you would be completely correct! Phuket is able to list some of the most fun, most exciting or most relaxing activities one could want to do on a vacation!

Flying to Phuket from the United States can be a daunting task as the fligths do take over 20 hours usually, there is also the need to switch planes as you are unable to take 1 flight the entire way. Americans are also getting a fairly strong exchange rate currently, with $1 working out to be about 32 or 33 baht.

As most people coming from the United States only get a week off at a time, it is important to ensure you have picked flights that will work well in your itinerary. No point flying to Singapore just to find out you need to wait 2 days for a flight to Phuket. The team at Phuket Deals believes the best option for more people would be to buy your flights over the Internet, and have it all arranged before you leave your house.

Many Americans are also reporting a number of different scams taking place in Phuket. These scams are not new to most of us, but are new to the Americans because they have not visited Phuket as much as Australian or British people have. It would be in any one’s best interest to do some research before your Vacation in Phuket so you will be ready to combat any potential scam you could encounter.

Phuket Deals is currently working on some great deals and Vacation Savings that we will make available for anyone that is located in the United States. Please feel free to e-mail us here and let us know what you would like to see on a Phuket Vacation Itinerary.

Phuket Deals Out!