Medical and Dental Work in Phuket

Medical and Dental Works in Phuket

As more and more people are complaining about the soaring health care costs and long waits for medical procedure, it is now a tend to go to any top medical destinations around the world and Phuket is one of those topping the list. Phuket Deals has seen a large number of people coming to us looking for Package Holidays that will also include access or drivers to take them to chosen hospitals or dental clinics to have major work performed.

In Phuket, you don’t have to dig deep into your wallet just to have a quality and affordable treatment or any cosmetic surgery or life-saving procedures and wait for months before receiving the medical or dental works you want. You can have what you require with a fraction of price and with 5-star quality.

If you want some dental work, Phuket Quality Dental clinic and Spa can give you dental works comparatively low price than those with any dental clinics aboard and without the long waits. You can make an appointment for a day based on your schedule and you can have your dental work done.

Take a look at their services and compare the price with those in your home country. Oral examination plus consultation is priced at the range of 400-500 THB or $13-14 only. Initial x-ray (Orthopan) plus consultation is only 600 THB or $20 and initial x-ray (Orthopan) plus Study Model and treatment will cost only 2000 THB or $67 only. These services come with amenities comparable with those of 5 star hotels. Dental cosmetic also cost less with a price ranging from 200 THB to 2000-3000 THB or less than a $100.00.  Tooth Whitening -Home bleaching cost only from 7,000-12,000THB or $233-$400 only. Cosmetic surgery ranges from 15,000 THB to 20,000 THB or $400-$700. Expert dental service providers who have acquired license and professional trainings perform all of these dental services.

Medical works like Annual health check-up. MRI scanning and other imaging diagnostic, Holiday Dialysis, Skin rejuvenation treatments without surgery and plastic procedures such as Abdominoplasty are available. Eyelid surgery, Breast enlargement (Augmentation Mammaplasty) Breast Lift, Breast reduction, Face –Lift, Mid-Face Lift, Liposuction and sex reassignment are some of the cosmetic surgeries available. All prices are less and very affordable which includes confinement and accommodation with a 5 star-hotel amenities. Medical works and services includes free price estimate, transfer of records, Airport assistance, transport service Airport- Hotel-airport, sightseeing and general assistance.

Medical procedures and surgery like a heart-valve replacement may cause around $200,000 or more in the US and will only cost about a fraction in Phuket. What is amazing is that it includes round-trip airfare and s few days holiday package. Cosmetic surgery cost less and you can get big savings. A full-facelift that cost $20,000 in US is only about $7500 only in Phuket, Thailand. Lasik eye surgery worth $3,700 would only cost you about $3,700, a real big savings.

Medical and dental works in Phuket still continue to be on the preferred list of many patients in the world. Medical and dental works here are in big demands not only for low cost reason but also with their high quality standards. Professionals and well-trained staff attend and assist every patient with care and hospitality not found anywhere in many hospital around the world. Medical and dental works in Phuket are continuously attracting patrons and would continue to do so as Medical tourism are now in a new threshold.