Massage Girl Issue – We Thank You Internet

We, the team from Phuket Deals had a walk through Patong the other night, we started on beach road with the many lovely thai massage and Thai bar girls calling us over.

We set up shop in the very westernized Irish pub which sits next to McDonald’s, it was then we realized one of the massage girls had followed us into the shop and had started yelling at one of the members in my group. After calming her down, we found out she believed my friend had run of on her after a night of “fun”, with out paying the bill.

I do not believe he would do this, and suspect she was trying to make some easy money. This is just a reminder to everyone to be weary, and remember although you are in the land of smiles, at times those smiles can be very sinister.

We, the team at Phuket Deals are always happy to keep these posts up, to warn members of the public.

We, at Phuket Deals would also like to send our regards out to all the internet site’s that have posted update’s and link backs to us! We do appreciate this!