Learn Muay Thai And Study Through Phuket Deals

Muay Thai Boxing, Phuket Thailand

Muay Thai is a popular sport in Thailand and across the world, its gaining momentum fast and the options in regards to Muay Thai are almost endless in Phuket, weather you are looking to train on a short Holiday, take it up professionally or just wanna see some good fights, Phuket has it all and Phuket Deals has the information you need! If you are looking to train in Muay Thai for a short term holiday, many of the Muay Thai camps will give you a fair discount on the month rate, although if you are here for 2 weeks for example, it will be slightly more then half of what you would pay for a month visit!

Muay Thai is a intense form of boxing that not only involves punching but kicking also, it has been done for many years by the Thai people and requires great strength, stamina and a high pain tolerance. The Muay Thai camps all have professional trainers that have mastered the art after reaching all the required levels, many of the training places in Phuket will also enter their residents into the main Muay Thai fights that happen in Thailand, and Bangkok also. Muay Thai camps will often house you for the set fee and also provide at least breakfast and at times all your meals, the room will be one to your self with your own bathroom.

The comfort you have in the room, the age of the furniture and decor will all generally reflect on the price you pay. It is possible to stay at some camps for as little as 20000bhat per month, while the more expensive camps will offer better equipment, trainers that will often have professional backgrounds, nicer rooms and better food. They may also be locked further away from the action to help you focus on training. Many people will come to Thailand with the intention to train in Muay Thai, but they will find the nightlife and lights of Bangla Rd to appealing and end up drinking there each and every night, needless to say this is no good for someone who should be waking up at 6am to do a 5km run. If you are thinking of going to Phuket, please ensure you are going to train otherwise you will most likely be wasting your money, if you do go ensure that you stay away from Bangla Rd untill the weekend comes.

If you are interesting in watching a professional fight, the brand new Phuket stadium has started showing fights for a little bit now, depending on the popularity of the fights, skills, time fights and so forth, tickets can cost anywhere between 200 baht and 5000 baht per fight, there are a range of seating options with many western people opting to sit right at the front to get the best view of the action. Muay Thai is a high impact sport with a high risk of injury, like UFC, this is why it is so appealing to so many people.

The Muay Thai boxing stadium in Phuket has a number of bars below it, many of these are not open yet although there are a number that will open after fights so punters are able to have a few drinks while the fights are taking place and after the fight. There are few girls in this area as it is not yet fully complete so it is a place to drink, rather then pick up.

If you are interested in studying Muay Thai while you go to Phuket, some recommended places to train are the Muay Thai, MMA * Thai Boxing Training Camp and the Phuket Muay Thai Camp And Gym!