Latest Package Deals For Phuket In 2010!

Peak season is over and all everyone has exes credit with all the travel agents, that means big savings for you when going to Phuket, and why wouldn’t you want to come? With more day activities then you can poke a stick at including

– 4X4 Driving

– Phuket Shooting Range

– Scuba Diving

– Para-sailing

– Monkey Shows

– Phuket Zoo

– Fantasia Backstage

– And So Many More!

Phuket has one of the most talked about night life’s in the world, from Patong Beach and Bangla Rd with the Go-Go Bar’s and most beautiful girls in the world, to the Beer Bars in Karon where a family can sit down and enjoy some quality time together!

Phuket, and Patong in general has a large number of Hotel’s with 20-100 room’s that have very cheap rate’s for extremley high quality, there are also a number of large resorts with over 200 guest rooms, some of these have multiple pools and cover a larger area then the town of Patong its self.

Checking online booking site’s including this one (Phuket Deals) you can get very cheap rate’s for some of the finest resort’s highest quality rooms, be warned though that many of these resorts are not bar girl friendly and will not allow you to bring bar girls back to your room, it can get very expensive having to buy a 2nd room every night for what ever girl you are with! If you wish to go to see your Thai Girlfriend, book in with her name as well so she will be allowed through, but they will not allow her friends to visit as they will assume she is a bar girl.

Thailand has a number of other exciting area’s that are worth a visit, some of these include

Bangkok: Thailand’s capital city, Bangkok has the largest population of any city in Thailand and is known for its traffic jams and smog, it also has excellent food, shopping and some of the finest resorts in the world.

Pattaya: Consider this Bangla Rd 10X – More Girls, More Sex and More sleaze – Pattaya is known for its Go Go Bars, Ber Bars and the large number of girls looking for western men in the area!

Chang Mai – A smaller, quieter area – Very relaxing and peaceful!

Please check out the Phuket Travel Deal page for the latest package’s and fare’s to Thailand!