Ladyboys Of Patong, Phuket (Lady Boys)

Phuket and Patong specifically is famous for its beach’s nightlife, girls and of course boys dressed as girls, or boys that have had the full chop! Yes, people from all over the world come to Thailand and always end up going to see the lady boys, weather they simply go to Fantasia or hit Bangla Rd in Patong to see the night workers out and about – the lady boys offer a wide variety of fun for everyone.

Some points to factor though, lady boys are not girls – they were born as men and they can get fairly aggressive if they are backed into a corner or if they are not shown respect, remember that these are real people as well and deserve our respect.

There are a number of case’s currently on going in Phuket regarding lady boys robbing tourist’s late at night, outside clubs or in hotel rooms – there are variations to this, including some tourist’s been drugged and then robbed in the middle of the night, please be careful who you spend time with and watch out to make sure you dont get robbed!

Some popular place’s to find lady boy’s in Thailand are

– Soi Eric, Patong Beach
– Bangkok’s Soi Cowboy
– Fantasia – Lady Boy Cabaret In Phuket

Now, the next question on everyone’s lips is always – “But how can I tell if its a lady boy or a real girl”, well this is also pretty simple. Eye’s can never change, and are always a great indication if someone was born male or female, take careful notice of someone’s eye’s and match them up to people of the same gender – do they fit?
Also look out for the Adam’s Apple, this can be removed with surgery but most Lady Boys would prefer to spend their money on shoe’s and clothes then get the complete surgery needed!
A person’s hand’s is another great way to spot if someone is a lady boy, they will over use their hands and wave them around more then a girl usually would – this is a great indication.
Ask someone – there is no harm in asking a bar girl, the owner, anyone really – just do in a respectful way.
Ask the person – if you ask in a respectful way, advise you are looking for a full girl – they will be honest usually, remember I did say usually!

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