Ladyboys Are A Threat!

Just a quick warning to all our reader’s! The Ladyboys in Patong, Phuket may seem fun and exciting but be warned; if they believe you are an easy target because you are small, drunk, weak or anything else, please avid them becasue they will not hesitate robbing you at the very first easy moment they have the chance to! The team at Phuket Deals does not understand why you might be interested in seeing the Ladyboys or taking a Ladyboy home, but if you are you should be advised that they are usually in the gay section of Phuket or freelancing in the clubs; they will generally cost the same as a normal girl and will sometimes try to hide the face they are a ladboy if they are desperate for money and feel a customer is only with them because they think he is a real girl.

Phuket Deals is going to have some great Holiday Package Deals for Phuket, Thailand in the coming days, and before we will have anyone book a ticket we would hope that they read these information sessions so they Will understand what to avoid in Thailand. Phuket is an amazing place to visit, and one that should be enjoyed by everyone but that is not to see everything is aways great in Phuket and this is a perfect example. Ladyboys are fun when they are under control, but please do not put them into a situation where they may feel in control; as this may have dire circumstances for yourself.