Karon Or Kata – Peaceful Spots In Phuket

Peace and Quiet. That is what so many people go to Phuket for and sometimes it seems like you are in the wrong city, maybe even the wrong town. With all the flashing neon lights and bars filled with girls, its easy to think Phuket might be an all action, never ending place. This is not the case at all, and it just comes down to a little education. There are many small towns that surround Phuket and make for great spots to sit and relax or to go for a swim.

Karon is one small town that is very close to Phuket and offers tourists plenty of Hotels, some fantastic food and a clean beach that is ready to be enjoyed. Karon is about 10 to 15 minutes away from Patong and its easy to tell the difference straight away. Patong is a area that is filled with large buildings and bars, while Karon is a smaller setting filled with shack’s for bars and small family owned restaurants.

Kata is another option for people that would like to relax and avoid the hustle and bustle of Patong. Kata is about 25 minutes away from PhuketPatong and and like Karon, boasts a number of great hotels and resorts that are suited for families and couples. While its great to enjoy peace and quiet, another good reason to check out these sea side towns is because the food and shopping is so much cheaper. Thais in Patong and Phuket realize they can put a premium on the products they sell because it is a tourist town while the Thais that live in Kata and Karon would not think to do this as they would not like to risk missing a sale.

While Karon has a beautiful beach that does look better then Kata, the Hotels and Resorts in this area are a little more limited to what you would expect in Kata. During high season the hotels will never fill up due to the amount of rooms which is a great thing because it allows you to visit different hotels to find the best one for you at the very best price!

The Phuket Deals team is hoping someone may send in some beach photos from there last trip to one of these areas. If you are interesting in sending them over and having them uploaded, please e-mail through to the Phuket Deals team here.