July Phuket Deals 2012

July Phuket Deals – Deals For Phuket In July!

Because July is such a popular month for people to go to Thailand the Phuket Deals team thought it might be best to dedicate an entire month simply to Phuket. July is a great time to visit the Land Of Smiles because everything costs a little bit less and all you have to worry about is a tiny bit of rain during the days, and even then you might find your self lucky enough to come when it does not rain at all. Most people who come during peak season and then return for the off season all agree that the place is just as fun and there is just as much to do. Bars tend to sell drinks for a little bit less, the girls are happy to earn a little bit less and the hotels pretty much slash prices a third.

Phuket Deals would love to see more people coming to Phuket during this time to help the bars and clubs stay afloat that little bit easier. While hotels are generally safe from these kind of issues because they have large chains backing them, the bars and clubs in Phuket are generally owned by families and small business owners who do not have that backing. Holidaying in Phuket at this time is a great way to show your support and help the local economy. Phuket Deals is currently working on some fantastic specials that will allow people to come to Phuket and stay for up to 2 weeks with out paying more then they usually would for a long weekend away in there home country.

Phukets July Holiday Deals will comprise of air fare and accommodation, although we will not include tours and events in the price because we believe most people will be looking to drink and relax on this Phuket Package Deal in 2012. Please e-mail through to the Phuket Deals team so you can be added to the list and we will contact you the moment the deals are ready to be booked.

Phuket Deals looks forward to hearing from you!