Information On Thailand Money – Baht – Currency

Understanding Thailand Money (Baht) (Baht)

As with most country’s, Thailand has there own standard of currency, it is known as Baht and uses the symbol “฿“. Baht comes in 6 different note’s. These note’s are –

  • 1000 Baht
  • 500 Baht
  • 100 Baht
  • 50 Baht
  • 20 Baht
  • 10 Baht

Thailand Currency (Baht), like most other countries has coin form’s which are worth less then the note’s. There coin variations you may find in Thailand are –

  • 10 Baht
  • 5 Baht
  • 1 Baht
  • 50 Satang
  • 25 Satang

A Satang is worth less then Baht. 100 Satang would equal 1 Baht.

Most tourist’s keep change for tipping hotel cleaner’s and other vendors as 1 Baht may be worth less then half a cent in your local currency.

All note’s printed in Thailand have a picture of the current kind on them, should you ever drop money I would request you avoid grabbing it with your foot as this is considered very disrespectful by Thai people.

Currency Exchange

Most parts of Thailand are littered with currency exchange stalls. These are small booth’s tourist’s can go to to have there local currency exchanged for Thai Baht. I advise all people to seek these exchange stations or actual banks to change your money over as the Airport will give you a very poor rate at any time.

If you are going to exchange a large sum of money, you may not feel comfortable going to a booth out doors to have it changed. If this is the case you are able to go to any bank in the local area and change the money over there.

This may be the best option as all banks have security guards posted at the front of all entry’s.

Thailand generally gets a excellent exchange rate when compared to the rest of the world. This is one reason why Thailand is considered such a excellent tourist destination.

Current Conversion Rate’s Are

1.00 GBP = 55.54 THB
1.00 USD = 33.24 THB
1.00 EUR = 50.14 THB

Baht And ATM’s

If you are like me, you do not feel comfortable bringing cash around with you. In our modern day and age, there is no reason we can not keep our money safe in banks! Even if your bank is not located in Thailand, most the ATM’s in the country accept Visa and Mastercard.

Most banks will also allow customers to remove funds from savings accounts. This will generally incur a fee by your bank back at home, and the Thai ATM may also take a fee.

Generally a withdrawal fee for a non-Thai ATM Card is 150Baht.

Cost Of Things In Thailand (In Baht)

Below you will find a detailed list of what things cost in Phuket.

It is safe to assume there will be a small mark up, as Phuket is Thailand’s leading Tourist destination.

Please, if you need information on a particular product contact me and I may be able to help.

Thailands Coins

Baht In Note Form