Information On Thailand Girls! Bar Girls, Freelancers & More

The below information is intended for the major tourist area’s (Phuket – Patong, Pattaya, Bangkok) – I am unaware of the situation in other area’s!

Prostitution is illegal in Thailand, but can be overlooked by the authorities in Tourist area’s, mostly because of the number of men that come to Thailand for the girls. In Tourist area’s such as Patong, it would appear the majority of girls are prostitutes. This is not true, all though the number may be very high I do not believe it would be the majority. Outside Tourist area’s, the number of prostitutes is far lower then it is in the major tourist area’s!

Prostitution is looked down upon as badly in Asia as it is in the west, in my opinion.

Finding A “Good” Thai Girl

A Thai Girl Performing Her Job

This is a topic that doesn’t get enough mention I don’t think!

Thailand Girls, for some they are the best part of Thailand and for others they are the only part of Thailand! Often, a man will fall for a Thai Girl and he may wish to start a relationship with her.

If you look online, at forums and web page’s you would be lead to believe all Thai Girls are going to take all your money, or use you to benefit themselves. All though some time’s this may be due, sadly more often it is the case, I would ask that you do not judge all Thailand Girls by the few that act this way!

If you are interested in finding a Thai Girl for a serious relationship I would recommend avoiding the Bar and tourist scene, most the girls in that area are there because they have no skill and need to send money back home to the family. Again, please dont not judge these Thai Bar Girls as bad people, they are only doing what they have been brought up to believe.

I would recommend trying to more upscale bar’s, these establishments will not have bar girls working at them, and will play softer music and have a more relaxed atmosphere. There are none I can think of in Patong, but in Phuket Town there are many so just ask any local tuk tuk driver.

A proper Thai Girl will never kiss you on a first date, in most case’s she will request that one of her friends attends the first date! Do not be put of by this as it means she is a proper Thai girl and is interested in a serious relationship!

Thailand Bar Girls

Bar Girls are probably the most common reason people visit Thailand for (I would guarantee this for men)

Please first be aware that I have many female friends that work as bar girls, and have complete respect for the work that they perform. It should also be noted that working girls are not seen in Thailand, as they are seen in the rest of the world! Some of the most sweet, cutest girls I have ever meet have worked as Bar Girls, or gone home with a farang for money.

Currently in Phuket, a bar girl can be “bar fined” for 500 Baht (Some place’s charge more, some charge less) This will allow the girl to leave the bar with you, you are able to take her to a different bar, for food, or you can request a club, or something else.

Bar Girls in Phuket have a general set fee of 1000 Baht, some people will argue that 1,500 or 2,500 is the set fare but I can assure you that girls will be happy with 1000 Baht unless you are extremely overweight, smelly and I am sorry to say Indian. (I am not a racist, this is a common thing you hear from bar girls)

The upside to a bar girl is the bar fine, should you have any problem with the girl you will be able to return to the bar she works at and complain to the manager. In most case’s you will get a full refund on the bar fine.

Some of the best times I have had in Thailand have been with the Thai Bar Girls, please treat them with respect and dignity.

Many people would say a bar girl should cost no more then 1-1.5k Baht. I agree with this, but I also believe it can go up depending on certain factors. Girls will not be interested to go with a “cheap charlie”, some one that smells, some one who is very rude ect.

Thai Freelance Girls

Thai Freelance Girl Phuket

Thai Freelance Girls differ to Thai Bar girls.

Freelance Girls do not work for a bar, they find customer’s through the night clubs in Patong or on the beach during the day. The deal is very much the same with a freelance girl.

They will generally return to your hotel with you for 1000 Baht, unless there is a underlying problem. Thai Freelance girls generally tend to be better looking, but will have more attitude after leaving the night club.

The upside to a Thailand Bar girl is that you do not have to pay a bar fine, but this also means you have no record of the Thailand Girl. Should anything happen after you return to your room, like waking up and finding you have been robbed! You will have no one you can turn to.

Some people would say a Freelance girl cost’s more, as there is no bar fine to pay and they tend to be the nicer looking of all the girls in Phuket and Thailand.

I personally believe 1k Baht is suitable depending on your age and look. Often 1.5-2k Baht will be the going rate, this can rise during Peak season as there are more western men in for the holidays.

Who Can You Hang With ?

This is a question that I get asked very often!

Sometimes I like to say anyone but that is truly not the case! The majority of girls in Patong will be happy to earn some money on the side with a nice westerner but if you leave these area’s and try it in Bangkok you will find your self in a world of trouble!

For example, my friend came to Phuket a few months ago and decided he liked the look for a girl selling smokes on the side of the street! He approached her and asked if she would like to go back to his hotel room for lunch, she smiled at him and took his hand! If he has done this in Bangkok, there is any chance that lady could be a professional worker who would be happy to call the police, or a street vendor with some very angry brothers around the corner!

Be warned to all, be careful who you ask certain things to!