Info On Phuket Beer Bars, Go Go Bars, And Disco

Info on Phuket beer bars, Go Go Bars, and Disco

Once you are in Phuket, you may completely forget and throw away your sanity so it is especially important to have some information about these famous Phuket nightlife places.

What is a Go Go Bar?

There are many small establishments along Bangla Road called go go bars. These are places where you can see girls having fun dancing on the stage. There are three or more girls dancing simultaneously with offbeat music. Some wear plain but sexy dresses while other are clad in sexy costumes like cowgirl or safari while some may be scantily clad or even topless. These girls have performances every now and then and do naughty shows while customers watch and drink. A go go bars are basically for fun while you drink. You can talk to the girls, flirt with them and if you want more, arrangement can be made by paying a bar fee to take a girl back to your hotel room. Some ago go bar girls can be really adventurous so throw away those shyness because as the night progresses, many exciting things do happen. Shows like Ping Pong (a girl performs with it, doing some sexy and erotic acrobatic act with balls), The Bath Show (you know what it is as the name suggests), body painting (painting a naked girl in dim light) and the famous Girls’ Show (where two girls play forbidden and erotic game with each other). A go go bars charged differently and accordingly. One may charge more since girls are slim, young and sexy. Others have entrance fee for around 100 baht which is the same price for small bottle of beer.

Popular a go go bars includes Suzy Wong, Devil’s Playground, Roxy A go go, Baccarat A go go, House Of Sound, The Secret, Money Night, Moulin Rouge, Rock Hard A go go, Suzy Wong and a lot more.

What makes a beer bar different from A Go Go Bar?

The only difference is that beer bar is an open-air bar with girls all around soliciting and inviting guests to come in. Most girls wear sexy dresses, heavily made-up, and posed to readily give anything that male guests would want. Basically the beer price is the same price at 100 baht but offer “happy hour” where beer is cheap. But most of the time this “happy hour” begins late at night although some enterprising beer bars owners extends it to attract more customers. Girls here are more on talking with the customers and if they still have more to talk to, they can end up in the guests’ hotel room where more exciting “talking” start.

So what is a Disco House?

Disco houses are for your dancing feet and moods. These disco houses differ from beer and a go go bars by being friendlier and wholesome. You go here to listen to the music, get groove and enjoy drinking. There’s no alarming shows so police are not seen here checking out. Most Disco houses offer sophisticated place for sophisticated enjoyment. There are live bands playing non- stop music and performances from good real talents. Hollywood disco, one of the many popular disco houses do not only offer good music but also has big surprise prizes for its regular hot games. Disco houses are also the place to meet friendly and “good” local girls. For R&R lovers, Seduction Discotheque tops the list. It has big name DJ’s from Bangkok and also around the world playing groovy music for its non- stop partying nights. Other popular disco are Safari Disco and Pub, Tiger Disco and Bars, Tai Pan and White Room Disco. Hanging around Disco houses gets you definitely entertained.

Phuket nightlife is basically the reason why most people go to Phuket and armed with basic info about beer bars, a go go bars and disco, you can never go wrong!