How Trustworthy Are Thai Girls?

Many people visit Thailand and Phuket and come home with the most wonderful story’s about the Thai people, and especially the Thai Girls – But can you really trust them? This detailed report gives some indications on a Thai Girls life.

While on my last 2 visit’s to Phuket I had the pleasure of spending a large amount of time with 2 girls who in my opinion, were some of the most honest and caring Thai girls I have ever meet, I felt comfortable leaving thousands of baht laying around my room with them present, no fear it would be touched.

Many people might say this is common, and most Thai Girls will not touch your money, I do disagree with this – I have found in the past many Thai Girls will try to take money from a bed side table, or from your wallet if they think they have a good chance at getting away with it – Thai Girls who are doing this are most likely only been paid for a ST (Short Time) and this serves as a excellent way to make a little extra money!

Another factor to consider is the Thai Girls age, most Asians (Thai’s included) have a rather young, petite look compared to their western counter-parts, this can cause problems when making sure the girl you wish to spend some time with is of age. Many girls under the age of 18 will come down from Issan, or their farming area and have little knowledge of what happens in the real word.

These Thai Girls feel that they need to lie about their age to get a customer (as they do – anyone going with a underage girl is asking for trouble) – Usually there would be no problem, but should the police pull the girl over and check – it can mean a lot of trouble for the western customer who had no idea the girl was under age. It is a good idea to ask to see a Thai Girls ID card to make sure she is of age prior to taking her to your hotel.

If the girl does not have a card or the photo on the card does not look like her, I would advise you to look for a different companion – the one you are talking to now may be underage!

If you are looking at entering a relationship with a Thai woman, there are a number of service’s you can use to make sure she is a honest woman and not seeing other men behind your back, it is a common tale you hear when in Thailand. Men comes to Phuket, Meets girl, Sends girl money because he thinks he is the only one.. Turned out there are 10 other men doing the same thing.

This is not to say that all Thai Girls will do this, but it is wise to be careful as it is a common prat ice to get as many men sending them money as possible.