How To Get To Phuket

How To Get To Phuket

If your thinking that Phuket might be a great place to have a Holiday there is one thing you will need to think about in order to make this happen! A question that comes up a fair bit the Phuket Deals team have noticed are people asking “How To Get To Phuket”. While you might be thinking how simple it is – you just get on a plane and fly here, the truth is that depending on where you are coming from, flight may not be the best method for yourself and this little guide should help you work out a good way to get to Phuket very easily, with little fuss and plenty of time to ensure you have a great Holiday! Below you will find the main methods that people use To Get To Phuket and how you can go about following these routes. The Phuket Deals team has come to Phuket from all over Thailand and many parts of the world so we have a fair idea on How To Get To Phuket!

Flying Into Phuket – One main method for tourists to get into Phuket is to fly! Flying is a great option if you are coming from a different country such as Australia, the UK or the United States Of America! The cost of your ticket to get to Phuket will often depend on the air line you fly with and the distance the plane will need to travel. Getting to Phuket in the air is a no fuss way to get here and by all means is worth using if that is what you need to do. This is though, simply one way on How To Get To Phuket. The Phuket Deals team believes you will end up paying anywhere from $1000-2000 for your tickets to Phuket.

Bus – The bus is another option people can use To Get To Phuket! If you are coming from Bangkok, Hua Hin or other parts of Thailand the bus will allow you to see much of the country side and really take in the life many Thai’s life! The bus is also a brilliant option for Thai’s who are going on a short vacation to an area like Phuket. Bus tickets are also very cheap when compared to a flight from other parts of Thailand! A bus ticket may only cost 200 or 300 baht while a Plane ticket will cost 3000-5000 baht.

Train – Many parts of Thailand have train stations and although Phuket does not have one its self you are able to get the Train to an area not too far from Phuket and continue on the bus! This is great for people who have time to spare, would like to see more of Phuket and really immerse them self in the Thai way of life! Many trains have upgraded carriages which you can sleep in should you feel inclined to do so.

More to the point on How To Get To Phuket – If you are coming from another part of Asia such as Cambodia, Singapore or Laos you can always fly or take the bus as we have mentioned. These decisions will generally have to come down to how much money you can spend and how much time you have to enjoy yourself. Clearly a long weekend in Phuket would require a plane ride as a bus would arrive and the same night you would need to leave. The Phuket Deals team hopes this has been a decent explanation on How To Get To Phuket! Anyone with questions can place them in the comment box below so a Phuket Deals rep can come back to you and provide any additional information that may be needed.