Hotel Review Page Up! Sunhill Patong And GardenGrove Bangkok

We have just opened the Hotel Review page, this is a page dedicated to detailed reviews of Thailand’s most popular and nicest hotels and resorts! Please click here for access to the Hotel Review page, or click here to access to GardenGrove Suit Review directly.

We are also going to be doing some updates to Thailand Nightlife today, so keep checking!

There are a number of privately owned hotels in Thailand, which offer fantastic service for incredibly low rates – a large number of tourist’s seem to believe they will only get top service if they stay at resorts such as the Novotel, Holiday Inn and Marriott – I am going to dispel this stereotype and attempt to show all you fantastic readers how the privately owned hotels, resorts and apartment sin Thailand, Phuket and Patong are just as good, if not better then the famous name brand hotels.

I already have 2 fantastic reviews up, detailed how great The Sunhill and GardenGrove Suits are – I would advise anyone looking at a trip to Phuket to check these place’s out. You will struggle to get these Hotels included into a package deal, due to the private nature and the fact they are small sites but this should not be a issue as the price is so low it usually works out better to buy a direct flight to Phuket and the room direct, rather then going through a travel agent or getting some kind of package deal.