Holiday In Patong or Karon – Difference?

Patong or Karon- What’s the Difference?

Thailand is world’s famous for its beaches. Before you sign up for a relaxing vacation on the one of its beautiful beaches, try to read on and find out which one is best for you! here at Phuket Deals we have setup Holidays for people who are looking to party and other people who are looking to relax so we understand how important it is to pick the right location for your Holiday in Phuket! Here at Phuket Deals we offer a range of Package Holidays in Phuket that will suit your needs perfectly but it is important to understand different area’s!

Patong or Karon, What’s the difference?

If you want the crowd, Patong beach is for you. Generally Patong beach is the crowd’s favorite among Phuket visitors. It has 3.5 kilometer wide beach stretch of white sand that runs through its western side. Nightlife is mainly focus on two connecting roads, The Bangla road and Paradise complex; lined with various themed bars, go go bars, and disco houses. Since it is the main tourist resort in Phuket, there are numerous hotels and chain hotels here offering the best of Phuket deals.

If you are on a tight budget, Patong is readily available for you. Patong is the center of inexpensive shopping on Phuket Island. The Bangla road offers cheap and affordable nightlife experience where you can find beer bars, go go bars and disco houses offering “Happy hour” with beers and drinks on budget price. For only 100 baht admission fee, you have the best nightlife party within the reach of your pocket.

If you love the quiet side, pick Karon. While Patong is bigger, busier and noisier, Karon is the place for tranquility and serenity with the beautiful view of the sunset in the west. Its beach front is lined with colorful beach umbrella to shed visitors as they enjoy the cool breeze of the Andaman Sea.

If you want the exclusive, splurge on Karon. It has the most luxurious hotels and resort and Spa. Access Resort and Spa offers spectacular view and privacy that will cost you around 4,500-15,000 baht. Centara Karon Resort on the other hand, a mid-rise modern structure offers great privacy and pampering services starting from 3,000 baht. Similarly in the upscale are Hilton Phuket Arcadia, favored by Asians,Le Meridian Phuket, Movenpick Resort and Spa,Thavorn Palm Beach, Woraburi Phuket Resort and Spa and Horizon Karon Beach Hotel.

If you want to enjoy much of the beach, then Karon is waiting for you. Since not so many hotels have direct beach fronts, you can enjoy the largest portion of its white sand that literally squeaks when walked upon. It has a long stretch of coral reef towards Kata and Bu Island and a pedestrian path for jogging, exercising and early morning cycling or biking.

Getting to Patong and Karon is both easy. From Phuket airport going to Karon will cost you around 1000 baht, a flat rate offered by many hotels while a metered taxi ride can cost around 650 baht or depending on the metered plus 100 baht for airport fee. You can save by taking an airport bus which leaves every hour and another motorbike or public songthaew ride for 40 baht. Patong on the side can be reach either by bus, car, taxi and getting around by tuk tuk is a best option.

One final thought: Even when you have decided which one to take but find your self still wanting more, you can have both, of course!