High Season Is Almost Here!

Uhhh! It is that time of the year again, Phuket Deals favorite time of the year! Monsoon season is waving us all good bye and the tourist’s are going to flock into Phuket for the high season! It is been reported that we are already seeing a large increase in crime due to the high season, already we have had a ladyboy shot! A poor monk and another Thai man hit on the road, with the driver fleeing the scene!.

I have also seen reports of a Japanese tourist who had acid thrown over them in a unproved, senseless act!

It seems with the influx of migrant worker’s, also comes a influx of criminals! It should be remember that the vast majority, and i do mean 98% of these people are good hard working folk, it is just a small percent that make them look bad.

Although there are plenty of bad things to report, I am glad to report that a man has been arrested in relation to the killing of a Japanese man. Saddly, it appears the man was killing because he was assaulting his Thai wife. The killer was apparently romantically involved with the woman, he has stayed over the couple’s house while the Japanese man was away.

He was found with the crowbar used in the killing, and close to 30,000 baht in cash! He admitted the killing upon arrest.

Hotels are also reporting high occupancy rate’s, which is exciting considering how poor everyone though the tourist reason would be this year!

Over 30, 000 000 baht has been put aside for different festivals in the Phuket area to keep everyone entertained! Remember, if you have not found a deal yet, check out the Phuket Travel Deals section and you might find a good bargain!

Phuket Deals is also pleased to announce that we will be starting the competition to win a week stay at the Patong Merlin next week! We will be drawing up the terms and conditions and will put update reaging that as soon as it is done!